A look at the Jaguar Meridian audio system

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Jaguar vehicles offer three levels of premium audio systems developed by Meridian in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The three different Meridian systems

Depending on which Jaguar model it is installed into, the Meridian premium sound system can have a maximum of 14, 20, or 26 speakers placed around the cabin. The regular Meridian Sound System uses up to 14 speakers to deliver 380 watts of power in order to make every note clear and loud for everyone on board. The midlevel Meridian Surround Sound system uses up to 20 speakers that can deliver a total of 825 watts. In order to provide a more lifelike experience, this system uses Meridian's unique Trifield technology. At the top of the Jaguar audio system lineup is the Meridian Signature Sound System with up to 26 speakers for a total output of 1,300 watts. This system uses the Trifield 3D technology in order to provide an even more realistic sense of space in the audio.

The Trifield and Trifield 3D technology

Jaguar vehicles equipped with the two upper levels of Meridian audio systems are the only ones to benefit from the exclusive Trifield technology. This system seamlessly blends the center and the surround channels with the left and right channels in order to recreate the experience of being at a live concert. This is even more true with the Trifield 3D technology that is found only in the Signature sound system.

The technologies that ensure the best sound recreation

The Meridian audio systems found in Jaguar vehicles use three other technologies to ensure the most accurate reproduction of sound possible. Digital Signal Processing is used by every Meridian speaker to reproduce the sound as it is intended. In order to make the audio experience even more refined, Meridian Digital Dither Shaping makes sure that the digital signal conversions are made smoothly and that they don't create unwanted noise. Finally, the Meridian Cabin Correction technology adapts the sound profile of the audio system to each Jaguar vehicle in order to provide the best auditory experience in every model despite the differences in cabin shape and size.

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