Three Tech Features that Make the 2023 Jaguar E-Pace Safer

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The 2023 Jaguar E-Pace is equipped with a number of advanced safety features that ensure everyone on board is kept safe at all times, even when a collision is unavoidable.

The Adaptive cruise control with speed limiter

The 2023 Jaguar E-Pace is available with the radar-guided adaptive cruise control system that makes driving more relaxing, but also safer. Indeed, this system is able to keep a safe distance between the E-Pace and the vehicle in front by acting on the accelerator and the brakes to react to the surrounding traffic. When activated, the adaptive speed limiter looks for speed limit signs on the side of the road and adjusts the vehicle's speed accordingly so that the driver doesn't have to worry about slowing down or speeding up when the speed limit changes frequently.

The forward collision warning with autonomous braking

The 2023 Jaguar E-Pace can help avoid frontal accidents or at least significantly reduce their severity due to the standard forward collision warning system. This technology uses cameras and a radar to detect obstacles in the way, such as another vehicle. If the system determines that there is a risk of collision, it warns the driver with an audio-visual alert in order to catch their attention and get them the brake or steer to safety. If the driver doesn't respond quickly enough, the E-Pace will apply the brakes on its own to stop before the collision occurs.

The Rear Collision Monitor

The 2023 Jaguar E-Pace is also equipped with a system that monitors the space behind it in order to spot a potential accident coming from the rear. This technology uses sensors to detect vehicles that are approaching from behind as well as their relative speed. If the difference between the speed of the E-Pace and the approaching vehicle is too large, the system will activate the hazard warning lights to try to catch the attention of the other driver while they still have time to stop.

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