What are the Key Differences Between the Current Jaguar F-Type and Previous Jaguar F-type?

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The F-Type brings generations of an iconic design to the forefront of athleticism, performance, design, and technology. Available in coupe and convertible forms, you will make a statement in virtually the most elegantly powerful vehicle on the road.State-of-the art driving systems, including a beautifully proportioned chassis, tight suspension and responsive steering all contribute to the F-Type's breathtaking agility. You become closely connected with the road on every adventure. There have been a few changes between the current F-Type and the previous model. Here, we discuss these differences so you can purchase the right model year for your needs. The current F-Type has a new engine focusThis year's models offer two engines based on a 5.0L V8. From the previous F-Type, the lower-powered turbo 4-cylinder and supercharged V6 are discontinued.  Available in both the current F-Type's coupe and convertible, a 5.0L V8 with a supercharger generates up to 450 burst horsepower and provides the genesis of the F-Type's driving experience. This engine pairs with an eight-speed quick shift automatic transmission that facilitates outstanding acceleration. You can choose between rear-wheel drive and AWD configurations. If you want the ultimate F-Type experience, you can choose a more powerful supercharged 5.0L V8 that rockets to 575 horsepower with a whopping 516 lb-ft of torque. This engine is also found in Jaguar's Special Vehicle Ratings (SVR) models, which are at the top of Jaguar's performance lineup. This powertrain pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission and AWD configuration. Also common in high-end Jaguar models, the current F-Type trims feature a Switchable Active Sports Exhaust system that lets everyone know of your presence at any engine speed. F-Type model changes between the current and previous yearsJaguar currently offers the F-Type, F-Type R, and the F-Type R-Dynamic. The F-Type trim replaces the P300 and First Edition options from the previous model year, and it is more powerful. The F-Type, F-Type R, and the F-Type R-Dynamic trims are all available in either coupe or convertible models. The R-Dynamic includes the 575-horsepower powertrain.Whether your goal is to have a current F-Type or a choice from the previous year's inventory, the best way to make the right selection is with a test drive. Come see them today. You can shop for your Jaguar online with us. Our representatives are waiting for your call and can answer all your questions. 
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