Three accessories that you may want to consider to protect your Jaguar this summer

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Summer means that it is now time to hit the road for a well-deserved vacation at the cottage, at the beach, or simply to take your Jaguar out for a road trip that will prove to be memorable. For all of these reasons, your Jaguar needs a bit of protection to keep its paint, interior, and cargo area in the best possible shape. That's why we wanted to put together a list of accessories that can protect your Jaguar this summer.

These products will also help preserve the resale value of your Jaguar vehicle by protecting it and helping avoid costly repairs in the future.

Protective wrap

A protective wrap is a clear film that is applied to the sensitive areas of your Jaguar including the hood, bumper, side panels, mirror covers, and even the interior of the door handles. This protective wrap is almost impossible to detect but it provides an impressive level of protection against rocks and other debris on the road in summer.

Cargo protector

If you plan to put a lot of things in the trunk or cargo area of your Jaguar this summer, you will want to consider a cargo protector. This affordable genuine Jaguar accessory keeps your cargo area clean and protected. It is a simple product that pays multiple dividends.

Upholstery protection

If you plan on doing a lot of driving with your Jaguar this summer, you may want to protect its seats from the heat or spills. We have various detailing packages that can protect the interior of your Jaguar and keep it looking like new for years to come. We look forward to discussing your options with you when you visit our service centre.

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