Three things you will love about the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE

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The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE arrives on the market this year as one of the most impressive, luxurious, and refined luxury electric vehicles you can buy. The Jaguar I-PACE is completely and fully electric, and it is powered by a high-capacity battery that will give you the range you are looking for in your electric vehicle. Priced at $99,800, the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE brings you and your passengers into the future. Here are three things that you will love about the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE.

The range

The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is powered by a 90-kWh battery that provides 377 km of fully electric range. This gives you the range that you need to complete all of your daily trips as well as longer road trips without having to worry about how much range you have.

Better yet, the charging time of this battery is lower than what most luxury electric vehicles require. You can charge from 0 to 100% your Jaguar I-PACE's battery in just over 10 hours. You can also charge on a fast charger while you are out on the road and get 80% of your range back very quickly.

The performance

The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE has 394 hp and an impressive 512 pound-feet of torque. This is enough to reach 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. In other words, the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is a very quick, very powerful luxury electric vehicle that will impress anyone looking for a performance vehicle.

The luxury

The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is not just a very quick, very powerful electric vehicle, it is also a very refined and luxurious vehicle. It features impressive in-car technology with the one touch Pivi Pro infotainment system and an exclusive interior. It features multiple screens in a modern, state-of-the-art layout. The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE is also very practical with 1,453 L of cargo space in the back and a smaller 27 L front storage compartment. In other words, the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE has the practicality you are looking for and the luxury you expect in a premium electric vehicle. Give us a call today to learn more.

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