What is JaguarDrive Control?

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Jaguar vehicles are known for their impressive design as well as their remarkable performance. They are also very comfortable and very refined. They ultimately offer everything that buyers could want out of a luxury vehicle, and they also give you the opportunity to fine-tune the way the vehicle behaves to ensure optimal performance.

This can be achieved using the JaguarDrive Control system. This drivetrain management system offers the driver the ability to manually select a diverse range of driving modes. These driving modes then change how your Jaguar behaves on the road or allows it to face difficult road conditions with confidence. In other words, when you use the JaguarDrive Control system, you have total control over how your Jaguar behaves.

The selectable driving modes of the JaguarDrive Control system include:

  • Comfort - This is the standard driving mode on your Jaguar vehicle. This mode delivers the best combination of comfort and performance.
  • Eco - Eco mode adjusts the way the gearbox and engine behave in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Dynamic - The Dynamic mode makes your Jaguar perform even better. It will accelerate quicker and its handling is also improved. In some models, the exhaust note is also more aggressive.
  • Rain/Ice/Snow - This mode offers the best stability and the most confidence on snow, ice or on a wet road.

If you would like to test these driving modes for yourself, give us a call today and let our team demonstrate each driving mode and then you can test them out for yourself on the road.

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