What is the Jaguar Pivi Pro Infotainment System?

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The Jaguar Pivi Pro infotainment system is one of the best-kept secrets in the automotive industry. This unique technology has won multiple awards since it was introduced to the market a few years ago, and it offers Jaguar owners a truly connected experience that allows them to get the most out of their Jaguar luxury vehicle.

What is Jaguar Pivi Pro?

The Jaguar Pivi Pro system is the heart and soul of your Jaguar vehicle. It features all of the connectivity and other technology found inside your Jaguar and it lays it out for you in a very easy to use format which is displayed on a very elegant touchscreen. This touchscreen varies in size depending on the model and will reach 11.4 inches in the 2022 Jaguar F-Pace

Not only does the Pivi Pro system allow you to easily adjust the various settings and functions of your Jaguar, but it also allows you to connect to your Google Calendar or Outlook in order to stay connected to your world. You can also get weather information and you can connect to the Internet thanks to the Jaguar Pivi Pro Wi-Fi capability. This system is combined with Remote App access which allows you to use your smartphone to control climate, locking and unlocking of the doors, and to check vehicle status.Last but not least, Jaguar Pivi Pro features wireless Apple Carplay and wireless Android Auto.

The Pivi Pro system is designed to be very quick to greatly enhance the user experience. As we said before, it is the heart and soul of your Jaguar vehicle, and it is in the Pivi Pro system that you can discover all of the functions of your luxury car.

Give us a call today and let our team of experts give you a full demonstration of the Jaguar Pivi Pro system and also help you set up the system in your new Jaguar.

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